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Sports & Remedial Massage combines a variety of advanced massage techniques to target specific problem areas. It can help to improve posture and alignment, increase mobility and reduce pain. Particularly beneficial pre or post event, during the rehabilitation process following an injury, or simply as maintenance for the body. Suitable for any duration of treatment from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes. 

Deep tissue massage aims to alleviate tension in the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. It can help to ease chronic pain, restore mobility and increase flexibility. Other benefits include improved circulation and a deep sense of relaxation. Ideally allow 30 minutes to an hour for one area of the body and at least 90 minutes for a full body treatment.

Holistic massage can help to relax or energise, reduce stress, increase circulation and boost the immune system. Using a variety of traditional Swedish techniques the session will be tailored to your needs. Ideally allow an hour or more for a full body treatment.

Reflexology typically involves applying pressure to areas on the feet known as reflex points. These reflex points correspond to different areas in the body. By working on these points you can help the body to restore balance and promote a general state of well being. Particularly beneficial in treating stress related disorders. Ideally allow 45 minutes to an hour to work on the feet, or 90 minutes to 2 hours combined with massage. 

Abdominal detox massage is a non invasive holistic treatment that typically involves a gentle yet deep massage to the abdomen and stimulation of specific reflex points on the feet. It may also include massage to other areas of the body such as the lower back or the neck and shoulders. The aim is to increase metabolic function, ease discomfort, decrease bloating, improve breathing and improve the overall function of the digestive, reproductive and respiratory organs and their surrounding fascia. Please allow at least an hour for the first treatment, follow up treatments can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Not suitable during menstruation, pregnancy or if you are experiencing severe or undiagnosed pain.

Your first session will involve a brief but in depth consultation. This will involve some questions about your medical history, allergies, injuries or areas of concern. During the consultation there will also be time for you to ask questions and tell me what it is you are hoping to achieve. It's a good idea to arrive a few minutes early on your first visit to allow for this. Before the treatment you will be given a few minutes to undress to your underwear and make yourself comfortable under a sheet or towel. 

Please be aware that missed appointments will still be charged unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.
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